Should I Be Using Evernote?

What is Evernote?

I look at Evernote as a digital work space (filing cabinet, sticky notes, desktop, in-basket, bulletin board) that you can access from anywhere, at any time.  Since it is digital, updates to lists, To-Do's, notes, ideas, and documents happen immediately and are synced across all of your devices.  The search feature ensures ease of use and being able to find anything with just a few clicks.  

How does evernote help me?

The Better you are at managing time, the more time you have to Relax and Enjoy Life.


Capture everything

All of your thoughts, ideas, contacts, important documents, personal notes, web pages, PDF files, receipts, manuals, audio recordings in one place.  Easily search your entire library and find anything in just a few seconds.

  • Improve your Daily Organizational Efforts
  • Access all of your information from anywhere on any device


Find anything with powerful searching

Searching with Evernote is easy as the program will not only search for your keywords within the title of the note, but it will also search within the note and even within PDF documents that are embedded in your notes (Premium feature).


research a project with ease

Create a Notebook, activate an Add In for your browser and then while you are researching anything, instead of having to print pages, bookmark pages, copy and paste or email to yourself, with the click of a button have all of that in one convenient place.  It could be a new home, new barbecue or TV.  Simply start searching and then create some "Tags" to help sort items later. For example, when researching a new home, you could set up tags for number of bedrooms, number of baths, price range, cost of improvements to be done, neighborhood, give your own rating system, and even tag with everyone's individual favorites. You can also include your own pictures, video walk through and audio comments.


Set Reminders for future action

Any note can be turned into an action step that you don't have to worry about.  Enter the day, date and time while in any note and choose to have an alert pop up or even get an email advising you of your reminder.  Never forget whether you received that credit the Company promised you when you returned your merchandise.  Ask how long it should take, set your reminder and then sit back and relax.


remember like a pro

Easily access favorite restaurants, recipes, doctor visits, car repairs, places visited, exercise logs and more.  Create a note with information for family and relatives that you buy gifts for. Include birth date, clothing sizes, favorite colors, things you remember them noticing in a store or just mentioning in conversation.  Be the star when they say "How did you ever remember that?  I mentioned that to you in passing over six months ago." 


Share folders and notes with others

Keep a running shopping list for the grocery store, home improvement store or any other store you frequent.  Share the list with your spouse and then when they call and say, "I am on my way home, do you need anything?", you can simply say I put a few things on the grocery list - check the Evernote app on your phone.


tell me more

Evernote is available in three versions to help in several situations:

  • Free, great for starting out
  • Premium, upgrade for sharing, searching within your documents, expanded storage, annotate PDF files from within Evernote, and work offline.
  • Business, your central hub for all Team members to collaborate, keep everyone up to date, set security levels and sharing privileges, go paperless and know that as the Business owner, you always own and control the data - your employees or others that were given access can't permanently delete any of your valuable files, data or notes.

Evernote is available on everything you use every day.

Sign me up

By Implementing Evernote and email management strategies, my Inbox is consistently at zero and I can manage multiple projects with varying deadlines while maintaining a desk with no paper.  I access everything from my phone, tablet and desktop. Once everything is captured in a single place with a system to make sure things get done, my mind becomes free to work proactively instead of always worrying about how I need to remember to do something, or when I have those brilliant ideas, I know they will always be there for me since it all goes into Evernote.


Maximize your team’s new workspace with an Evernote Business expert. Evernote Certified Consultants are recognized Evernote experts who have completed comprehensive Evernote Business training. They can provide hands-on training to help your team work together effectively and productively in your new shared workspace.


  • Custom-designed workflows tailored to your team
  • Guidance on how to best deploy Evernote Business across your company
  • In-person or virtual training to ensure fast adoption of Evernote Business among your team

As an Evernote Certified Consultant, FTF Consulting offers several options to get you started on your path to organizing and taking control.  Regardless of the version you choose, we can help take inventory of what you do and how to incorporate that into Evernote, plan a system of Notebooks and Tags to ensure ease of finding anything quickly and even create custom workflows, project sharing and admin setup for your Company, Departments and Employees.  The more you use it the more you will wonder how you ever did without it. Contact us today to learn more.